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Comic art books in both Japanese and English.

Manga Technique series Vol. 7
"How to Draw Game Characters" for sale !!


It has 1024-levels of pressure sensitivity.
Great table with CG-illust and COMICWORKS with reasonable price. Now available in white.

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COMICART CGillust English version

This is not just simple drawing software. Since this software was designed by computer artists who draw illustrations and Manga, it was designed to be extremely easy to use, with essential functions included. It also has a lot of great features. For example, wouldn't it be great to know how the professional artists or the advanced amateurs draw illustrations?? The Event tool can guide you step by step.

COMICWORKS English version

COMICWORKS is a professional Manga drawing software with 240 kinds of tones. This software allows you to create monochrome Manga with ease.

DELETER publishes the magazine called "Comic-Techno" in Japan. Unfortunately, this is written only in Japanese language, but we post some of the great work awarded by the magazine up here, and also useful tutorials for Manga drawing that the magazine contained before.ENTER


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