|||||| Deleter Screen
All people,from professionals to amateurs,can use this Deleter Screen.
High quality, high precision, and a handy price have pleased many customers since our products have been on sale.  You can make anything from easy illustrations to real comics with this screen, such as pasting 2 or more screens and making your own original patterns, cutting some off and expressing highlights, and so on.
|||||| Deleter Jr. Screen
Just cut and stick. You can replace it easily, because it has a wax type glue with weak viscosity. Yo can express various things by 2 or more screens and make your original patterns, cutting some off and expressing highlights, and so on.
Deleter Screen
size : 362x253mm(sheet size)
348x228mm(printing area)
Deleter Jr.Screen
size : 253x182mm(sheet size)
230x165mm(printing area)
Let's make Comic Books!!
1.Draw the rough sketch. 2.Use ink and pen to fill the line.
Put a screen with the pasteboard, over the part of your picture which you want to stick the screen on, and cut a little bigger than the necessary with a cutting knife. Take the screen off the board and stick it lightly to the area and cut, then cut off any unnecessary parts.
Check the edge of the cut screen. If there are places where you have cut too much or left unnecessary parts, fix them.   You can fix without any damage to your work if you do it before sticking the screen on.  Take unnecessary parts off with tweezers etc.
Place the board on top of the pasted
screen and rub softly with something
like a spatula and stick the screen
well.  Continue these 3 steps for each
This number shows the number of dots in 1 inch (2.54cm).
<Ex.>SE-81: 85/10% means there are 85 dots to each line. The bigger the number gets, the smoother the patterns are.
This number shows the number of lines in 1 inch.
<Ex.>SSE-120:  25/10% means there are 25 lines in 1 inch length.
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